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2 Chainz Is Here To Show You All The Expensive Sunglasses You Didn’t Know Existed

Unless you’re a multimillionaire

In his recurring role as GQ’s Trying Out Ridiculous And Expensive Stuff That You Didn't Even Know Existed Correspondent, 2 Chainz has acquainted himself with some truly over-the-top items, from $100,000 bottled water to a burger with real gold on it.

For his latest “Most Expensivest Shit” endeavor, Chainz sits down with Corey Shapiro, the founder of Vintage Frames, to try on some shades that'll cost a pretty penny. But Chainz can't even look at himself wearing the frames. “You know we don't have phones or mirrors,” Shapiro says. “You either trust me or go to fucking LensCrafters, bro.”

And so he ends up trusting him, trying on things like a Cazal 951 with gold and diamonds that costs $25,000, or a pair that Run-DMC used to wear encrusted with 42 karats that costs $50,000.

Do not try this at home.

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