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Turns Out Kim Kardashian Is Moonlighting As A Stylist

And she takes it very seriously

Kim Kardashian knows her way around a red carpet, so it’s hardly a surprise that Caitlyn Jenner called on her for styling help for last week's ESPY Awards. Kim recently spoke to People about what she went though to find Cait the perfect dress.

“She gave me three days and said, ‘Can you get me something?’ I looked online. I shopped all over,” Kim said.

Unfortunately, finding a dress to fit Caitlyn's 6-foot-2-inch frame isn't the easiest feat, so Kim had to whip out some of her other resources.

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“I called Michael Costello. He was on Project Runway, so he has a studio in L.A. So he whipped up five things in two seconds,” she explained. “I sent her measurements. And she wore this white number.”

While Caitlyn has gotten a crash course in fashion over the past year thanks to her family of red-carpet veterans, some of her tastes don't exactly line up with theirs.

“She wanted to accessorize it super crazy. I had to step in. I didn’t approve the shoes,” she said. “We've got to get Caitlyn some new shoes. It's hard out there.”

Thank god Kim is there to help.