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Justin Bieber Unveils Purpose Tour Collection At Barneys, Thinks We’re All Rich

His Barneys collection underscores what we’ve always known

Justin Bieber’s had a busy few days in New York. In between chasing after Pokémon and showing off his Harry Potter–inspired glasses, he found the time to unveil his Purpose tour collection at Barneys.

Despite a “no photos” sticker on the store's window, Bieber posed for a photo in front of the display. Thankfully, no fans were around.

Bieber also went inside the store to peep the collection, which offers $95 t-shirts, $700 plaid shirts, and $1,250 sweatpants. The pieces, as designer Jerry Lorenzo wrote in an Instagram caption, are like those offered at the pop-ups, “just elevated.” Unlike the merch offered at the pop-ups though, the Barneys collab features pieces Bieber has been wearing on stage, including a Marilyn Manson tee, plaid overcoat, and kilt.

Just remember — even if you drop $195 on the Marilyn Manson shirt, he still won't take photos with you.