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Watch Action Bronson Make A Ridiculous Sandwich With Fried Chicken, Ice Cream, And A Lot More

Yes, please

At the beginning of “Action Bronson Presents: Random Moments in Food,” the rapper slash traveling foodsman slash chef says, "I want to diversify my portfolio of food experiences."

If you've ever seen his “Fuck, That's Delicious” web series or its TV counterpart on Viceland, you know that the man's meals and his palate are already plenty diverse. On his latest excursions, Bronsalino eats stuffed wings at a Thai restaurant, grabs some cevapi at an "off the beaten path" spot in Queens, and indulges in some steak that's been aged for seven months.

But the highlight, for me, came when Bronson stepped in the kitchen and whipped up a sandwich with sesame fried chicken, a scoop of ice cream, a fire-roasted marshmallow, a Mexican chocolate sauce, and more. "A fat guy sandwich," as he calls it.

I'll take three.