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Oh, So Drake’s New Jordans Are Solid Gold


Most of us buy sneakers with the intention of putting them on our feet, but Drake is not like most of us. Case in point: these solid gold sneakers he just added to his collection.

Drake shared photos of his gold OVO Air Jordan 10s on Instagram, confirming that they are not to wear. He did not comment, however, on whether or not he was tempted to see if he could squeeze his foot in.

Drake commissioned the 24-karat sneakers from mixed-media artist Matthew Senna, who included every detail on the shoe, including the OVO and Jordan emblems on the bottom. Oh, he also revealed that they weigh 100 pounds, so, uh, he better pick how he wants to display them and stick with it.

Drake is probably very thankful he beat his eBay addiction before it got out of hand, because now he can afford solid gold sneakers, you know?