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The Curse Is Lifted, But Lil B Isn’t Finished With Kevin Durant

He’s still hungry

When Kevin Durant announced earlier this month that he'd be leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to sign as a free agent with the Golden State Warriors, some fans couldn't help but ask: Was this just his way of trying to shed Lil B's curse?

The Based God, a Bay Area native, first hexed the former NBA MVP when KD called him "wack" years ago.

The relationship and curse has gone through a number of ebbs and flows, but B revealed that he lifted it when Durant decided he was going to the rapper's hometown squad.

But The Based God isn't done. In fact, he still wants to go head-to-head with the four-time NBA scoring champ.

"Our one-on-one game still has to happen," he wrote in an open letter for The Undefeated on Monday (July 18). "I think it’s for the love of the sport. The world wants to see it — hundreds of thousands, millions of people. They want to know what would happen with this game. They’re obviously interested."

In a true show of sportsmanship, Lil B even offered Durant a bit of a scouting report on his own game:

At this point, I like where I’m at right now with my game and how much better I’ve gotten," he wrote. "I’m a real defensive guy. My defense really speaks loudly, which rolls over on offense. I have a pretty decent midrange shot. I like getting to the rack. I like getting to the hoop. I’m kind of like Russell Westbrook, but I can’t dunk. Just as far as going to the hole. I’m not saying all aspects of Russell Westbrook’s game because I don’t have the same aspects. I’m coming to the court with a lot of confidence now. It’s definitely different. I definitely do think I’m ready to play KD. Winning, who knows? But I definitely know I am ready to play him.

Yeah, uh, who knows?

We'll have full coverage of this game when it happens.