How Good Of A Boyfriend Was Eric On Boy Meets World? His First Girlfriend Weighs In

‘He's the good-looking guy’

Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World was everything you'd want in a boyfriend. He was funny, kindhearted, cute, outgoing, creative, and had great hair, which explains why he was such a ladies' man during the show's seven seasons. Actor Will Friedle had a blast from the past on Thursday (July 14) after he mentioned how nice of a guy his character was.

Nikki Cox -- who played Eric's first girlfriend, Heather, on the Season 1 episode "Killer Bees" -- weighed in on the topic, much to Friedle's delight.

Before Linda, Lisa, Kelly, or any of Eric's other girlfriends were in the picture, Heather was the apple of Eric's eye. He scored tickets for them to go see Aerosmith, but was mortified to find out his parents were planning to see the concert, too. Thankfully, Heather was totally chill with it and thought his parents were "really cool." Eventually the lovebirds got some alone time thanks to his cool parents, only to have to make room for Jesus after Eric's dad saw just how cozy they were getting. Alan Matthews wasn't "that cool."