Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Radio Disney

Hannah Montana Star Mitchel Musso Is Now A Theme Park Character

His new movie ‘Characterz’ is out now

Former Disney Channel star Mitchel Musso's new movie Characterz premiered this week on Digital HD and On Demand. Musso plays Tucker Ostrowski, a theme-park worker whose job is to be the costumed character Hoppy the Kangaroo. Except he's not the best guy for the job, as evidenced by the trailer below.

Recently, he told Twist magazine he loved getting to work with his brother Marc again, after previously working on Monster House together a decade ago. Plus, he thought it was fun to return to his Oliver Oken roots as the goofy and adorkable best friend persona for Characterz.

"Everybody, when they think of me, they think of Oliver Oken from Hannah Montana or they think of Brady from Pair of Kings," Musso said. "You know, they think, you know, your best friend that’s the boy who’s kind of kooky and quirky, and that’s really how I was brought up for so many years. So it’s nice to go back and kind of touch on those roots and joke around and have fun."

Seeing the Hannah Montana actor back in an animal costume is giving me throwback vibes to the DCOM Hatching Pete, in which Musso played the school chicken mascot — but had issues along the way. Apparently, when Musso becomes a costumed character, hijinks always ensue.


Characterz is available on several streaming platforms. To learn more, check out its website here.