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Zayn Malik Finally Found The One Type Of Tattoo He Didn't Already Have

Middle fingers up

When you have as many tattoos as Zayn Malik, it must be challenging to come up with something new and exciting to ink onto your body forever. Fortunately, Zayn paid a visit to the tattoo artist Jon Boy, who gave him a tattoo unlike any other he has.

On Instagram, Jon Boy shared a photo of Zayn's new lightsaber tat, which might impress you if you're into Star Wars or minimal tattoos. The coolest part of Zayn's middle finger tattoo, though, is that it lights up under a blacklight thanks to UV ink. Lightsaber, get it??

Remember when everyone thought Zayn got a face tattoo? This tattoo redeemed that potential monstrosity, IMHO. Middle fingers up, put them hands high, Zayn.