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‘The Stakes’: Will This Get Me Arrested?

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Welcome to "The Stakes," the show clinging by its fingernails to the edge of the crevasse that is political and social justice news in 2016. Coming up:

Part 1: Jane Coaston delivers an important and terribly timely lesson on the history of gun control and its connection to race in America.

Part 2: Meredith Graves and Jamil Smith discuss what white people and non-black people of color can do to be allies without being obnoxious.

Part 3: Ana Marie Cox and Marcus Ellsworth talk about their experiences on the ground at last week’s police brutality protests.

Part 4: Julianne Ross finds out what it takes to get arrested for a Facebook status.

Part 5: We leave you with a poem from Marcus Ellsworth, who has been thinking about how to find happiness in times like this.

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