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Meghan Trainor Dishes On The Creepiest Photo A Fan Has Ever Sent Her

Someone needs to get booted from the M Train

Meghan Trainor has a lot of fans, and most of them know how to behave themselves. But a few passengers on the M Train need to learn a thing or two about boundaries.

In a new Billboard cover story, Trainor opens up about the creepiest message she’s ever received from a fan. And no, it’s not a dick pic — somehow it’s even worse than that.

"A guy sent, like, a picture of his eye socket and was like, ‘You're my favorite,’” she said.


We have some questions. Was the socket pic attached to a text message? Email? Did this dude print out an 8-by-10-inch glossy of his eye socket and mail it to Trainor’s PO box? Does she mean an empty eye socket, or one with an eye in it? How much of a close-up are we talking about?

Whatever the details may be, clearly this guy needs some pointers on how to express affection.