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Pia Mia Started A Trend That You're About To Be All Over

No, not the bandanna

You may know Pia Mia for being friends with Kylie Jenner or for wearing her signature red bandanna — but did you know she's also a trendsetter?

Mia spoke to People's StyleWatch recently about her new job as the fashion director of Material Girl, but more importantly about the one trend that she's inspired. Get ready to whip out the ol' fishnets.

"I'm definitely not afraid to start trends. Sometimes I wear pieces a lot just to see if I can make it trend," she said. "For a minute I was wearing the big diamond fishnets and I would wear them under jean shorts but pull them up over the top of the jeans shorts so that you can see them come up and then I would stick my t-shirt into them."

"And people started wearing it! It’s so cool that you can kind of own something that’s so just random and make people like it," Mia continued. "If you wear it confidently people believe in it."

This seems like almost too much layering, but if it's good enough for Pia Mia, then it's probably good enough for Kylie Jenner, which is good enough for me.