Elle King Wreaks Havoc And Busts Ghosts In Her ‘Good Girls’ Video

From the ‘Ghostbusters’ soundtrack

Two days before Ghostbusters releases in theaters, Elle King is hyping up the estrogen-fueled reboot with a new video for “Good Girls,” her contribution to the movie’s star-studded soundtrack.

After kicking things off in a haunted laundromat, the vid switches to a decidedly rowdier locale: a seedy bar where King does “what the good girls should never ever, never ever do.” Such activities include, but are not limited to, puffing on cigars, taking shots, and arm wrestling dudes twice her size. It all ends with King busting some ghosts and looking like a certified badass in the process.

Check out the vid below, which also features footage from the film (including Chris Hemsworth dancing -- you know you don’t want to miss that).