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Britney Spears Just Dropped A Major Teaser For Her New Single ‘Private Show’

She's also releasing a fragrance with the same name

Britney Spears has offered the first glimpse at one of her upcoming comeback singles.

In an ad for her new fragrance, the singer waltzes through the backstage wing of a theater, then switches on the lights and takes the stage. The clip features a substantial sample of her new song “Private Show” as it advertises her new fragrance of the same name.

Britney doesn’t need an audience to feel herself. The teaser shows her dancing to an empty theater, and the lyrics of her new song seem to be all about strutting your stuff just because it makes you happy.

Last month, Spears teased photos from the video shoot for another song, “Make Me (Ooh),” which will feature G-Eazy.

Early reports suggested that Brit’s next album would be out by this summer, but it looks like the rollout has been delayed. Still, it’s definitely Britney season — and now we’ve finally got our first official taste of what she’s been working on.