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Watch Joey Bada$$ In A Bizarre John Cusack–Inspired High School Play

Yes, you read that correctly

Joey Bada$$ has had an acting itch for years.

He was accepted into a Brooklyn high school for acting and has dabbled in the art even as his rap career has taken off. In 2014, he released the short film No Regrets and will appear this season on USA's Golden Globe-winning series Mr. Robot.

Before all that, though, there was John Cusack Is Not a Famous Actor.

What is that? It is, apparently, a play that the now-21-year-old Joey was in as a freshman in high school. He dished about it to Rolling Stone, who dug up the clip.

"I was in this one play that was written by one of the upperclassmen," he said in a new interview, which also focuses on his role in Mr. Robot. "At the time I was a freshman. It was called John Cusack Is Not a Famous Actor. It was a pretty cool play, actually. I was also in one of the upperclassmen's rendition of Alice in Wonderland.

"It was super funny," he said of John Cusack, which featured a tie-wearing Joey interacting with the audience in a high-pitched voice and with a cackle. "That play was super funny, man. It was weird and random, actually, but it was dope. It really wasn't about anything, to be completely honest. It was, like, John Cusack living through his life with, like, a lot of weird, random shit happening to him. It made no sense, but it was hilarious. There's no way for me to actually explain it to you."

So instead you can just watch.