Vigilantes Unite: Here's The Very First Look At MTV's New Sweet/Vicious

The series will premiere on November 15 following 'Teen Wolf'

Seeking revenge comes in different variations -- and MTV's brand-new scripted series Sweet/Vicious will explore this very topic, with a unique twist.

In a first look at the upcoming program, viewers are introduced to our protagonists: Jules, a sorority girl who transforms into a masked vigilante come nightfall, and Ophelia, a humorous stoner/hacker. The two unlikely acquaintances (they could NOT be any more opposite) unite during interesting and unforeseen circumstances to literally kick ass on their college campus. The goal of the antiheroes: Take down abusive offenders in the name of justice.

"There's stuff happening out there, people are just getting away with awful things -- and no one is doing anything about it," Jules declares during the montage of clips.

And let's just say there are some fierce fight scenes, references to Batman and Robin and much more.

Watch the entire clip above, and stay with MTV News for more updates and exclusive content before the premiere of Sweet/Vicious on Tuesday, November 15 at 10/9c!