Are You The One? Matchmaker: Is Kaylen Right About Giovanni And Francesca?

The feisty Californian claims the two belong together

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

As evidenced on tonight’s all-new episode of Are You The One?, Kaylen took that sentiment to a whole other level, calling out her ex Giovanni and his new fling Francesca on more than on occasion.

Previously, Kaylen and Gio had been the strongest couple in the house -- but after a few fights and a no-match confirmation in the Truth Booth, Kayvanni are now a distant romantical memory. Ever since, the feisty Californian hasn’t been secretive in regards to her disdain for the self-proclaimed house Alpha, but the G-man hasn’t let that slow him down from pursuing other Boom Boom Room potentials. In fact, the Connecticut native went from pining for Julia (good luck with that, bro) to sleeping with Francesca in a matter of 24 hours.

When Kaylen called them out in front of everyone -- including host Ryan Devlin -- Asaf cried and the others cringed. “I think they’re a match," she said. "They both can learn how to grow from being a boy and a girl to a man and a woman together.”

Ouch. That comment didn’t sit well with Francesca, and the 22-year-old New Yorker questioned Kaylen’s comments during the match-up ceremony. And THAT didn’t sit well with Kay, who offered, “You need to check your mother*ckin’ tone, ’cause it’s not an insult, baby.” Words were said and hair was flipped, then Kaylen all but got up in Franny’s face, calling her a “punk-ass little b*tch.”

Harsh, much? More like heartbroken. If you feel like Kaylen’s outburst came out of nowhere, you’re not alone. Francesca likely hit it on the head: “I honestly think Kaylen lashed out because she still has feelings for Gio.” You don’t go from chatting marriage to the cold shoulder in a matter of days without a few hurt feelings.

But is there truth to Kaylen’s words? Could Franvanni be a perfect match? If you ask us, the two appear to be settling — Francesca’s heart lies with Asaf, and Gio is all about Julia. Oh, and just when you didn’t think possible, tempers flare even more on next week’s ep — watch it go down Monday night at 10/9c!