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Taylor Swift Reveals She's The Mastermind Behind Calvin Harris's Biggest Hit Of The Summer

We knew it

After much speculation about the origins of Calvin Harris’s new hit with Rihanna, Taylor Swift’s rep has officially confirmed that the 1989 star is behind the single.

A representative for Swift told People that she had secretly written "This is What You Came For" and agreed to be credited under the pseudonym “Nils Sjöberg.”

Calvin Harris confirmed the report on Twitter, adding that Swift also contributed vocals to the track.

Soon after the song came out in late April, astute Swifties began suspecting that Taylor had a lot to do with it. Not only did she promote the single’s cover art on the back of her jacket at Coachella, but its lyrics sound just like something she would write: “Lightning strikes every time she moves / And everybody’s watching her / But she’s looking at you."

It sounds like Swift and Harris agreed to keep their debut collaboration a secret, but it’s possible that she ended up not being too thrilled about her boyfriend getting all the credit for her work — especially after he told Ryan Seacrest that he didn’t think they’d ever make music together.

Either way, her fans can now enjoy confirmation that their sleuthing skills are top-notch. Now we just have to wait and see if their Hiddleswift conspiracy theories are true too.