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Taylor Swift Snapped Selfies And Shared Smiles With Fans Battling Cancer

The singer stopped by a children's hospital in Brisbane, Australia

While she’s in Australia, Taylor Swift has been spending some quality time with kids at a local hospital.

Swift has been posted up in Brisbane while her BF(?) Tom Hiddleston films Thor: Ragnarok, so she decided to visit the young patients at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

She swung by the oncology ward to bring some smiles to kids fighting cancer. One patient in particular is a huge fan of the singer: 12-year-old Bella Harry, who was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in 2014, got to meet Swift while at the hospital for a blood transfusion.

Swift signed Bella’s “Shake It Off” pillow and snapped a whole bunch of selfies with the young fan.

She even handwrote a note to the ward's nurses.

“To all the nurses on 11B: Thank you for all you do,” reads the note. “You are amazing. Sending you my love and thanks."

Swift might be one of the busiest pop stars in the world, but she still makes time to hang out with the fans who need her the most.