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Was This Character In Toy Story 2 Secretly A Villain In Disguise?

Be careful about the penguin in (Bo Peep's) sheep's clothing

In Toy Story 2, villains Stinky Pete, Al the Toy Collector, and Emperor Zurg all had their agendas, but what if they weren't the only characters with something sinister up their sleeves? No, we're not talking about Woody or Buzz. We're talking about the sweet, innocent penguin, Wheezy, whom Woody saved from the yard sale of doom.

What if Wheezy wasn't so sweet and innocent after all? That's what Reddit user TheCircleOfKnife believes. He or she theorizes that Wheezy was actually way shadier than he appeared. DUN DUN DUN.

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Look at that cassette player guy. There is fear in his eyes.

The film mentioned Wheezy had been up on the shelf for several months due to a broken squeaker, and thus, received no playtime with Andy. "Toys can be jealous of one another," the Reddit user wrote, which could explain why Wheezy might have felt left out after having to watch The Woody and Buzz Show, starring Andy, all the time.

  • Wheezy was the one who noticed the yard sale.
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    "What's the point in prolonging the inevitable? We're all just one stitch away from here ... to there," Wheezy dramatically said, while motioning to the yard sale outside. Notice how it was Woody who tried to hide Wheezy, not Wheezy himself. According to TheCircleOfKnife, Wheezy decided to take advantage of Woody's heroic nature, knowing "he would definitely try to save Wheezy, and probably end up getting sold instead." This would've knocked Woody out of the picture and given Wheezy a better chance to get back into Andy's life.

  • Wheezy didn't try to secure himself during the rescue mission.
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    TheCircleOfKnife points out how Wheezy should've placed his arms outside Buster's collar, so he'd have had a stronger hold, but he didn't. This forced heroic Woody to re-secure the penguin, which caused Woody to tumble off Buster. Notice how Wheezy didn't say anything when Woody fell; he just let Buster keep on a-runnin'.

  • Wheezy played everything off with a song and dance number at the end.
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    His euphoria at having Woody back made sense, since Woody clearly had no idea this whole ordeal was due to a squeaker-less penguin who was jealous AF. Wheezy went on to sing "You've Got a Friend in Me" while everyone laughed and danced along. TheCircleOfKnife noted the song and dance moment could've been because Wheezy, "A. Felt a ton of guilt Or B. Tried to cover up his actions with a quick musical number." As one does, I guess.

    We're onto you now, Wheezy.

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