Twisted Rivals Avan Jogia And Jack Falahee Actually Have The Best Bromance

No bad blood here

Freeform's murder-mystery drama Twisted ended in 2014 with one of the most frustrating cliffhangers of the 21st century. Fans never got a second season, nor did they get answers about what the hell happened when a gunshot went off after the screen faded to black. Did Chief Masterson shoot Charlie? Did Danny, Jo, Lacey, or Tess get caught in the crossfire? Twisted star Avan Jogia (Danny) has an idea about the show's ending, but just an idea.

Because the series finale was super grim, it's nice to see former costars Jogia and Jack Falahee (Charlie) are bros IRL. I mean, their characters went to juvie together, so that's clearly a bond that can't be broken over a silly love triangle and identity crises.

On Sunday (July 10), Falahee tweeted Jogia had texted him some of the best hang out plans ever.

Since fans never got a proper Twisted finale that explained all the insanity, I'd like to just imagine it ended with everyone going, "Welp, let bygones be bygones," and then left to go play Mario Kart. We'll anxiously be waiting for the photos, guys.