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Tod And Copper From The Fox And The Hound Will ‘Always Be Friends, Forever’

The movie recently turned 35

Disney's heartbreaking tale of two animals who were never meant to be friends, The Fox and the Hound, turned 35 years old yesterday (July 10), which means the movie's been out in the world for over 306,000 hours. Coincidentally, that's approximately the same number of tears we've cried while watching it.

The film follows (shock shock) a fox and a hound who play together as kids but find themselves enemies as adults. While Mickey Rooney and Kurt Russell voiced Adult Tod and Adult Copper, respectively, child stars Keith Coogan and Corey Feldman brought Young Tod and Young Copper to life and still remain "the best of friends" to this day. In response to the 35th anniversary, Coogan shared a sweet message to his hound dog pal on Twitter.

Feldman retweeted Coogan's pics, much to Disney fans' delight. While this movie can be gut-wrenching — though not nearly as sob-worthy as the book on which it's basedThe Fox and the Hound shows how people (or animals) can look different yet still be friends, an important message to this day. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and rewatch this classic and have a good cry.

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