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‘The Stakes’: Agitated Molecules

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Welcome to "The Stakes," where it's Monday and we're playing catch-up. Last week was a rough one. As is often the case during acute moments of crisis and tragedy, the normal business of day-to-day life gets neglected — dishes pile up in the sink, a full podcast worth of excellent pieces gets shelved. Today, we're going to let you hear the show we wanted to make last week; consider it a small stand against letting insane gunmen determine what's important. Coming up:

Part 1: Ana Marie Cox speaks to U.S. Army drill sergeant Kennedy Ochoa about the recent decision by the Pentagon to overturn the ban on transgender men and women serving openly in the military.

Part 2: Resident editorial opinionator Meredith Graves tells us why we should (1) fear the deep web, and (2) watch Mr. Robot.

Part 3: Jamil Smith interviews Ryan Lenz, senior writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project and editor of its Hatewatch blog, about the recent violent confrontation between white nationalists and antifascist counterprotesters in California.

Part 4: Marcus Ellsworth shares his poem "Raise a Glass," a reflection on the politics of water access and the spate of dangerous lead levels in local water supplies.

If you missed the show we released last Friday night, you should go back and listen — there’s some great reporting by Marcus Ellsworth, Jane Coaston, and Ana Marie Cox, as well as powerful messages from people on the front lines of the tragedies in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Thanks for listening. You can subscribe to "The Stakes" on iTunes.

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