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9 Ways Ryan Cabrera And 98 Degrees Are Bringing The ’90s To You

Tamagotchis, HitClips, Dunkaroos, oh my!

This summer, the My2K tour is a time machine that'll transport you back to the days of Dunkaroos and Capri Sun. Ryan Cabrera, 98 Degrees, O-Town, and Dream — all semi one-hit wonders from the late ’90s and early ’00s — are reuniting for concerts across the country starting this Friday night in Park City, Kansas.

To get you in the spirit, the tour's Instagram is full of ancient relics from the past. Each fossil reminds you to get your tickets and relive your childhood.

  1. First up, Tamagotchis
  2. What's that sound? Dial-up internet, obviously

    You can still hear your parents yelling at you to get off the computer so they can use the phone.

  3. HitClips

    For when your Walkman ran out of batteries.

  4. Sticky Hands

    Remember when you tried to stick these to the ceiling?

  5. Windows Minesweeper

    Between this and Solitaire, you could never win a computer game.

  6. A Game Boy

    Fortunately, you won plenty of games on this bad boy.

  7. A Nokia cell phone

    It was for emergencies only and texting took 54349587569 years.

  8. M.A.S.H.

    This predicted your future when Teen People's horoscope failed you.

  9. Dunkaroos

    Because who needs nutritional value, anyway?!