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Sarah Silverman Feels ‘Insanely Lucky To Be Alive’ After Being Hospitalized Last Week

A sore throat turned out to be something much scarier

Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman shared somber news with her fans on Wednesday, a week after spending several nights in the hospital. After going in for a sore throat, she was diagnosed with a "freak case" of Epiglottitis, a life-threatening medical condition.

"I am insanely lucky to be alive," Silverman wrote in a revealing Facebook post that thanked the doctors whom she "owes her life" to at Los Angeles's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

To put it simply, the cartilage surrounding her windpipe got inflamed, preventing air from entering her lungs. Yikes.

"I was drugged just enough to not feel the pain and have no idea what was happening or where I was. They had to have my hands restrained to keep me from pulling out my breathing tube," she explained about her emergency surgery. Read about her full experience below:

After spending five days in the intensive care unit, she's now safely recovering at home, where her friends, family, and boyfriend Michael Sheen continue to support her.

"I'm so moved by my real-life hero, Michael, and amazing Sissies (blood & otherwise) & friendos [sic], who all coordinated so that there wasn't a moment I was alone. It makes me cry. Which hurts my throat. So stop," she joked. Her sense of humor clearly hasn't gone anywhere. Get well soon, Sarah!

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