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Kylie Jenner Responds To Her Cosmetic Company's ‘F’ Rating

‘I'm sick and tired of people coming for my business’

Kylie Jenner will not let the haters keep her or her burgeoning cosmetics empire down. A day after the Better Business Bureau gave Kylie Cosmetics — her beauty company, natch — an "F" rating, Kylie took to Instagram to apologize to anyone who complained and reassure fans she's always working to improve her brand.

Since March, there have been 134 complaints filed with the BBB, ranging from empty boxes being delivered to customers to the lip gloss wands fraying immediately (a problem Kylie was quick to remedy). Though it's unclear what "facts" the BBB reviewed — facts provided by Kris Jenner, no doubt — the company's rating has been changed from an "F" to "No Rating" on the BBB's website.

While there's no indication as to when a new rating will be released, Kylie will obviously be working hard to make sure everyone receives their Skylie lipsticks safely before then.