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After His Two Dis Tracks, Joe Budden Decided To Write A Letter To Drake

To explain a little where he's coming from

Joe Budden has dedicated plenty of words to his current spat with Drake: He's dropped two dis tracks and talked about the rapper on his podcast. Now, he's migrated to a new medium: The Instagram caption.

On Wednesday, just half a day after dropping his second dis, "Wake," Budden took to Instagram to clarify some of his intentions. Alongside a picture of him and Aubrey smoking hookah, he wrote:

The MC's tho kid, they'll always be for the culture, we'll support & champion you as you continue to push the needle and move the genre forward to newly discovered heights, real MC's can never hate you, we'll always want tomorrow to be better than yesterday, I see u as that "tomorrow"... I'm proud of that, for I know you're 1 of us deep down, success never changes that, ask Em & Hov.... But the second your arrogance gets the better of you and you start to believe you're above the very cloth you're cut from, the cloth that changed life for your entire lineage, the MC's will be there to remind you, success or not.

This isn't the first time Budden has expressed this sort of sentiment -- that he's actually a fan of Drake and his music, and just wanted to help bring out his greatness.

“I’m not addressing Drake, or addressing Meek because I am malicious toward either of them or I wish either one of them harm or ill will,” he told Pitchfork when “Making a Murderer (Part 1)” dropped. “I am celebrating hip-hop. I want the people who I deem — I want the people who are talented to be talented.”

Meanwhile, we're still waiting on a Drake response. Maybe this gets us one step closer.