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Gregg Sulkin Isn't A Rock Star, But He Plays One On TV

The actor previews his turn as a 'wannabe rock star' in 'Young & Hungry'

Gregg Sulkin is not the kind of guy who brings his guitar to parties, but he wants to be. At least for a little bit.

"I think every actor always wants to be a rock star," the 24-year-old Brit told MTV News. "I genuinely believe that. Actually, I think all humans want to be rock stars. It's one of the coolest jobs in the world." (Said the actor.)

So when he was approached to play a wannabe musician on Freeform's Young & Hungry, Sulkin jumped at the chance to live out his rock star fantasy. In Wednesday night's episode, Gabi and Sofia come face to face with their upstairs neighbor Rick (Sulkin), who's living in a fantasy land of his own. "I knew that he had to have the mentality of a rock star but be horrendous at it," Sulkin said.

"I've met so many people in LA who talk such a big game and are terrible," he added. "When people don't live in reality, I think it's very funny."


Unfortunately for Sofia, Upstairs Rick is as attractive as he is daft -- and it doesn't take long for her to fall for him, despite the fact that he really can't play a guitar... or carry a tune. At least he looks and sounds like rock 'n' roll, right?

"They wanted me to be American at first, but I said I didn't want to do that," Sulkin said. "I wanted to be an English rock star. There's something so old school about that. I really wanted to carry a bottle of beer around the whole time, or a shot of whiskey, but that was axed."

With or without the alcoholic refreshments, Sulkin believes his portrayal of an unsuccessful wannabe English rocker was an authentic one. Every young person living in Los Angeles knows Upstairs Rick; they've met him at parties in Silver Lake. They may have even politely smiled as he strummed the first few chords of "Wonderwall."

"I know a few musicians, so I've seen that mentality first hand," he said. "You know, when you're at a party and suddenly everyone has a guitar and starts playing -- like, oh, we're doing this now? It's definitely a sight to see."