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Get Taylor Swift's 4th Of July Swimsuit, Squad Invite Not Included

Your membership card isn't on its way, sorry

If you follow Taylor Swift or one of her many, many friends on Instagram, your feed was probably inundated with photos of the #squad celebrating the 4th of July in coordinated outfits. First came the American flag onesies, and then we were introduced to the red, white, and blue bathing suits.

Taylor shared a photo of herself, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne all wearing matching bathing suits, though Cara opted for a bikini instead of 2016's trendiest bathing suit style, the one-piece. While it's possible they all just happened to show up with the same bathing suit, it seems more likely that Taylor provided them all, considering her dedication to highly stylized Instagram shots.

Though she won't buy one for you — no #squad membership card, no suit — you can still get it for yourself.

Solid And Striped

The suit, from aptly named Solid & Striped, is still available on the brand's site for $168. While you probably won't be invited to hang out in Cape Cod with Taylor & Co., at least you'll look the part.

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