Rommel Demano/Getty Images

This Guy Asked Blink-182 To Design His Tattoo, And They Crushed It

Risky? Yes. Awesome? Hell yes.

Tattoo virgins, take note: Asking someone who’s not a pro artist to design your tattoo probably isn’t a great idea, and pretty much guarantees you’ll one day drop beaucoup bucks on laser ink removal. Unless, that is, the person in question is a member of Blink-182. Then everything’s going to turn out juuuust fine.

New York Post writer/Blink superfan Mike Hollan found that out the risqué way when he met the band atop the Empire State Building last week and asked them to draw something (anything!) on his arm, which he'd then get permanently inked if it was deemed "cool enough."

Sadly, Mark Hoppus’s idea of “a stick figure eating a hot dog” was shut down, so Matt Skiba took the reigns pen, whipping up a decent sketch of the Chrysler building, complete with the infamous Blink smiley face on top of it. Meanwhile, the band answered questions about crazy things fans have done for them and which naked dudes they'd want crashing their pool party (that last question’s a nod to the quirky song “Built This Pool” from the trio’s recently released album, California).

To see how the tattoo turned out, check out the fun video below: