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‘The Stakes’: Action Items

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Hello and welcome to "The Stakes," the political podcast that can't stop tap-dancing toward November, no matter how bloody our feet get, no matter how many bones we dislocate from our permanent case of inside-the-Beltway jazz hands. As always, this has been a week. Coming up on the show today:

Part 1: Darcie Wilder interviews author and former Rookie editor Amy Rose Spiegel, author of Action: A Book About Sex.

Part 2: Meredith Graves shares her thoughts on Clarence Thomas.

Part 3: Jane Coaston takes us inside the case of the governor who took a beach house from a businessman.

Part 4: Julie Zeilinger brings Amy Hagstrom Miller back to the show for an update on the recent Supreme Court abortion ruling.

Part 5: We close things out with another trip to Tennessee, to hear a piece from our very own poet-in-residence, the T.S. Eliot to our Lloyds Bank, the Wallace Stevens to our Hartford Insurance Company, MTV political writer Marcus Ellsworth.

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