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The Year Of The Re-Release Of Lil Wayne Leaks Continues

With ‘Pray to the Lord’

Thanks to Streetrunner, we've had the pleasure of reliving, in 2016, some of Lil Wayne's legendary, career-changing mixtape run from the mid-2000s. The producer has been dropping mixed and mastered versions of some of Wayne's gems from that era -- which we only heard at the time through leaks -- and pumping them with some new life.

The latest came on Thursday (June 30), with "Pray to the Lord," where Tunechi gets reflective about his life and contemplative about his mortality over a stunningly soulful beat.

"This was one of the main songs that made me want to mix and master these old Wayne leaked tracks I produced," the producer said on Soundcloud. "This classic had millions of views / listens online and it was the worst possible version anyone could ever hear of this song. Now I bring the fans the new crispy mixed and mastered version. Enjoy!"

If this doesn't make you go back to some of Weezy's mixtape greats, then maybe Streetrunner's previous mastered releases, like "Cry Out (Amen)," "Trouble," and "Let's Talk It Over" will.

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