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Kylie Jenner Is Oddly Using A Pay Phone In Her New Puma Campaign

She also pretends to ride the subway 😮

In March, we got our first look at Kylie Jenner for Puma, an unexpected partnership that was most definitely not Kanye-sanctioned. Kylie's debut campaign was for the Fierce, a sneaker that looks remarkably like Rihanna's Trainer, and, overall, not that memorable.

Such is not the case with her new Puma Suede gig — Kylie's gone full '80s.

In the first image from the new campaign, a short-haired Kylie puts her shoe on a subway bench — a real faux-pas, as anyone who is forced to take the subway daily can tell you — to show off her red Puma Suede sneakers.

In another image, Kylie keeps the short hair, but trades in everything red for black while making a call on a pay phone. Considering Kylie had to pretend to ride the subway and act like she'd seen a pay phone before for this campaign, you should probably buy those shoes — they're available on Puma's site right now.