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This Harry Potter Rap For Ariana Grande Brings All The Death Eaters To Her Yard

A magical birthday gift for the ‘Dangerous Woman’

When Ariana Grande turned 23 last Sunday, her friends and Victorious squad knew that all the gold in Gringotts wouldn't suffice as a present. So, they put their wands together and conjured up a charming Harry Potter rap that shouts out Gryffindor and Slytherin. They also called Dobby "ratchet," so there's that.

"Wow my friends know me so damn well. Thank you for the most ridiculous/most amazing/campiest birthday gift," Ari wrote on Instagram, sharing the complete rap with her fans on Wednesday. Behold:

So, which Ilvermorny House do you think she's in? My bet's on Thunderbird, the perfect home for a "Dangerous Woman" who brings a storm on stage with her.