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Birdman Sleeps On An Actual Bed Of Money, Of Course

Cold, hard cash. Or is it soft, comfy cash?

Birdman likes to live a rich lifestyle. His crew is called Rich Gang, after all. He founded Cash Money, which became known as the Cash Money Millionaires, and then the Cash Money Billionaires.

So it's no surprise, really, that he sleeps on an actual bed of money, is it?

OK, yeah. It's still pretty ridiculous. But he claims that he actally does it.

"I still sleep on a million dollars cash," he told ESPN's Highly Questionable on Tuesday, when asked if an old rumor was indeed true. "That's just a factuation for me in life. I do that, and I'm gonna do that till I die."

The host, Dan Le Batard, was initially speechless and ultimately dumbfounded. "Just cash?" he asked.

"I'ma do that till I die," Birdman said. "I got a million dollars on my mattress, under my sheets. I just feel the need to do that. I was fortunate to be blessed to be able to do it and I sleep on it every night, with my Versace bedspread on top of it."

It's gotta be uncomfortable, right?


"My bed is three California Kings, man. It's from end-to-end. You can't even sleep in [the money]. You can roll over and roll the other way and still not be in the middle of it."

And there you have it.

Lil Wayne, by the way, was not impressed.