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Kylie Jenner Shares Her Life-Changing Tip For No-Makeup Selfies

Get ready to have ya life changed

Considering her blossoming status as a makeup mogul, it's rare that we ever get to see Kylie Jenner without makeup. There have been photos here and there, but the norm, of course, is full — like, full — glam.

Yesterday, after sharing a makeup-free snap and declaring it "No Makeup Tuesday," a fan had a question about her eyebrow situation.

She seemingly called out Kylie for lying about the all natural thing, because, LBR, unless you're Cara Delevingne, no brows naturally look that good. Then, Kylie chimed in and shared the secret.

Brow tinting, duh! Yeah, she didn't say anything about "No Eyebrow Tint Tuesday," OK?

There you have it — the secret to looking good in no-makeup selfies is alllll in the eyebrow tint. Life-changing. Take it from Kylie.