Are You The One? Success: We’re Remembering The Truth Booth’s Happiest Moments

Cheers to these perfect matches!

The definition of the Truth Booth: The only way for Are You the One? participants to verify their perfect match and get one step closer to the honeymoon suite one million dollar prize. And for every shocking discovery in the tension-filled room (Shanley and Chris T, Christina and Brandon and Kiki and Devin, to name a few failures), there have been some elated duos who followed their hearts and found their ideal partner.

In honor of Alyssa and Sam learning that the team of experts did deem them scientifically compatible — and to acknowledge their counterparts for making the correct choice to vote them in to the pressure-cooker environment (THAT DRAMATIC MUSIC) — we’re rounding up the best celebratory TB moments. From the OG first pairing to the earliest lovebirds who got a positive result, there are plenty of huge embraces and champagne toasts to go around.

Relive the romantic magic below, and be sure keep up with Are You the One? every Monday at 10/9c!

  • Coleysia and Dillan

    The OGs have the distinction of being the inaugural couple to get a “yay” in the TB — and their bubbly toast with their casties is one of the most memorable moments from Season 1. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it work IRL and decided to part ways.

  • Paris and Pratt

    These Season 2 sweethearts fell for each other hard and quick — but Paris’s drunken make-out with John made things a wee bit complicated. However, Pratt managed to forgive Paris and the two were able to make the most of their time in paradise. But when they got home, their relationship fizzled, and the duo ultimately split.

  • Jenni and John

    Even though these Season 2 vets didn’t gravitate toward each other immediately (she was in a quasi–love triangle with Anthony and Layton while 11th girl Christina caught his eye), they were ultimately excited that the matchmaking crew united them. Since then, Jenni has actually found her happy-ever-after with another AYTO alum: her fellow castmate Curtis.

  • Chelsey and Connor

    Reeling from a shocking blackout (and the loss of $250,000) several weeks prior, the Season 3 gang desperately needed to make some headway in this unique game. Enter Chonnor. Even though they admitted that they were better as friends, their celebration was super-sweet nonetheless.

  • Mikala and Cameron

    Mikameron have the distinction of being the earliest confirmed PM in the program’s history (it unfolded during Episode 3), and their love story has persevered in the real world: They are currently living together in Los Angeles and just became parents to a brand-new kitten.