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Meet The Beyoncé Fans Who Slayed Prom Before It Even Began

Two teens got in ‘Formation’ for their prom send-offs

Over-the-top promposals, sit down. Now prom send-offs are a thing, and two Chicago-area teens — Autumn Murdock, 18, and Azja Frazier, 17 — are literally slaying the game. Before even stepping foot inside their prom, they made Beyoncé proud with impressive "Formation" send-offs.

"It just has a feeling of empowerment to it. I listen to it at least twice a day," Murdock told MTV News about the song. Here's her full send-off, which went massively viral after parody Twitter accounts picked it up.

Frazier, meanwhile, said she "didn't want people to be bored waiting on [her] to come out."

Murdock's cousin and professional dancer Floyd Wimberly is the common thread between these two flawless — sorry, not sorry — routines. He performed alongside Murdock's older sister, Amber, in her send-off video.

"His creativity skills are out of this world," Murdock explained. "He truly exemplifies hard work and dedication. He loves to dance and you can truly see that whenever he performs."

After people heard about Wimberly's skills, they began booking him for more events, including graduation parties and Frazier's send-off. "It was like they were on a Formation tour themselves," Murdock said.

Courtesy of Autumn Murdock

As for the two girls' dates, they slayed too: "He didn't quite understand the process when I explained it to him, but after practicing the entrance and continuously explaining my overall goal, he got the picture."

And Frazier's guy? "He had his spotlight before the performers came out," she said. "He walked out to one of his friend's [songs]."

Courtesy of Azja Frazier

Because you can't please everyone on the internet, the girls said some Twitter trolls have criticized them for being too "extra" with their prom celebrations. So what would Beyoncé do in this situation? Keep twirling on her haters, of course. 🔥