Julian Casablancas Gets Kidnapped In The Strokes’s ‘Threat Of Joy’ Video

The band's back and more delightfully weird than ever

It’s been five years since The Strokes last appeared together in a music video, and for their grand return, they’ve whipped up a goofy narrative packed with mystery, conspiracy, and even some choreography.

Following the surprise release of Future Present Past earlier this month, The Strokes have debuted a video for the EP’s third track, “Threat of Joy.” There’s a wild caper at play here -- the clip begins with the band at a video shoot for “OBLIVIUS” (also from Future Present Past) before sinister dudes in suits hijack the footage and kidnap the director.

Instead, the band casually performs “Threat of Joy” in a studio while a SWAT team sweeps the room, greedy men in pig masks strategize more thievery in a smoky boardroom, and neon-lit messages like “protect us from the truth” and “there is no escape” appear throughout. There’s also some silly dancing and a roller disco rink thrown in for good measure, adding up to a delightfully bizarre affair. It’s good to have these guys back.