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Zayn's Merch Is Full Of Stuff He'd Actually Wear

Who needs a tour when the merch is this good?

The golden age of tour merch rages on, now with way more from Zayn Malik. Following in the footsteps of Kanye West and Justin Bieber, Zayn just launched an expansive collection of merch so good that you'll want it even if you're not a diehard fan.


In a new interview with Vogue — yeah, Zayn is verrrrry fashion now — he explains, "Everything was created with the idea that this is something I would want to wear." His favorite piece from the collection, he tells the magazine, is the Z-Day t-shirt, which features the work of Mark Wilkinson, the illustrator behind some of Iron Maiden's most iconic designs. No wonder Zayn was so eager to face-swap with it.

Vogue also has an image of a silk bomber jacket featuring Urdu across the back, which is mysteriously absent from Zayn's online store, but gives us hope that there's even more to come. Maybe a pop-up store is on its way? It's the trendy thing to do, Z — it'll keep us occupied until you announce a tour!