Watch The Veronicas Destroy Literally Everything In New ‘In My Blood’ Video

The twins are seein’ red and only red

Earlier this month, The Veronicas unveiled the colorful cover art for their new single “In My Blood,” which showed the duo standing in front of some palm trees, their nude bodies coated in bright purple body glitter.

The track’s accompanying music video, however, finds identical twins Lisa and Jess Origliasso seeing only red. Everything here is blood-colored: the walls, the furniture, the plants, the record player, the phone, the books, their hair. The only pops of any other color we see are their blue eyes outlined by thick black makeup, their black thigh-high boots, and the static on the television set -- at least, until Lisa and Jess take a sledgehammer to it and then proceed to break everything in sight. It’s a love song, sure, but this duo clearly has an appetite for destruction.

As for the song itself, “In My Blood” finds the Aussie sisters returning to dance-charged electropop territory, with a throbbing bass line and a chopped and screwed chorus. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Jess described the song as capturing “that elated, euphoric feeling of love at first sight.”

“I was going through something at the time I wanted to capture,” she continued. “Love and adrenaline are rushing through your blood. It’s like a chemical injection. You’ve instantly connected with someone. You’re knocked out by this person.”

“In My Blood” is the first single off The Veronicas’ upcoming fourth album, due out later this year.