'Game Of Crones' Podcast, The Finale: Come On Cersei, Light My Fire

Only nine months to go until we get another 1,000 stab and rape plots

This week's "Game of Crones" sees all of the Crones — Rachel Handler, Crystal Bell, Leah Beckmann, and Teo Bugbee, plus a li'l cameo from Inkoo Kang — convening for the final episode. We discuss that whole thing where Cersei blows up hundreds of innocent people and wineboards a nun yet is somehow still a semi-sympathetic character; Tommen Cruise's window pain; why we'll miss Margaery the most because of her fantastic hair, and the thick sexual tension between apparent cousins Jon and Sansa and coworkers Tyrion and Dany. We also name our final Baes of the Week, speculate on who will fuck/murder whom next season, and reveal what the Crones will be up to next.