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Vic Mensa, Halsey, And Le1f Stand With The LGBTQ Community On ‘Free Love’

Just in time for Pride Month

After releasing the EP There’s a Lot Going On earlier this month -- much of which responded to systematic racism and police brutality -- Vic Mensa is back with another politically charged project.

This time, the Chicago MC honors Pride Month and raps on behalf of the LGBTQ community on the acoustic guitar-driven “Free Love.” Joining his call for tolerance are Halsey, Lil B, openly queer rapper Le1f, and spoken-word poet Malik Yusef. Clocking in at just under six minutes, the song packs in references to a ton of timely issues: gun regulations, the North Carolina transgender bathroom law, the “Free the Nipple” movement, genderless clothing, rights for couples in civil unions, and the recent massacre in Orlando.

In addition to releasing the stirring song, Mensa posted a note explaining that he never paid much attention to LGBTQ rights until one of his family members came out to him. Now, however, he’s realized that “as a creature of love, the battles of all people fighting to love are also mine."

He continued: “And I will stand with them. Will you?”