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Wiz Khalifa Hints That He And Kanye West Aren't All Good, After All

After January's Twitter feud

The Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West Twitter spat that happened back in January appeared to be over, but apparently there are still some hard feelings.

It started when 'Ye took exception with Wiz taking exception with his album title, Waves (which, of course, he later changed), and only snowballed from there: There was the lighthearted "cool pants" comment and, on the other end, Kanye telling Wiz, "I own your kid."

Many felt he crossed the line with comments like the last one, and it seemed Kanye realized as much, too, because he called up Wiz just days later and apologized. And things were all good.

Except, not really.

When asked about the issue on Power 105.1 on Friday, the Pittsburgh native suggested that he's come to feel like the apology was a bit empty. "I wouldn't necessarily say it's squashed, though," he said, "because, when you see him talk about it, it doesn't add up to what he said to me on the phone."

Welp, it feels fair to assume the Kanye West x Wiz Khalifa collab is still not on the way.

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