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Shawn Mendes Responds To Rumors About His Sexuality

‘Grow up’

Rampant speculation about Shawn Mendes’s dating life is nothing new. Exhibit A: For months, he’s been hounded with gossip about his relationship with Camila Cabello, which he’s repeatedly (and politely) dismissed. Now, the 17-year-old is addressing a different rumor, this time regarding his sexuality.

On Thursday, Mendes posted a lengthy Snapchat story in which he denies rumors that he’s gay. He begins by saying he doesn’t usually “bring up problems,” but he felt compelled to respond after seeing several YouTube commenters write that he gives off a “gay vibe.”

“First of all, I'm not gay,” Shawn said. “Second of all, it shouldn't make a difference if I was or if I wasn’t. The focus should be on the music and not my sexuality.”

Mendes clarified that he’s not mad about people saying he’s gay. Rather, his anger stems from people trying to use it as an insult (which it certainly isn’t).

“I'm not frustrated because people were saying that I was gay at all, I have no problem with that because it wouldn't make a difference to me,” he said. “I'm frustrated because in this day and age people have the audacity to write online that I'm gay as if it were a bad thing.”

See Mendes’s full response below, which ends with a simple plea to the haters: “Grow up.”

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