Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Taylor Swift Once Saved Dave Grohl From Total Humiliation

She was like ‘fucking Batman’ when he needed her

In the dead of night, when tragedy looms and threatening forces lurk around you, there’s only one thing you can do: illuminate the Bat-Signal and wait for your hero to come rescue you. She won’t wear a cape and she won’t speak in a commanding, ultra-serious tone. She’ll look more like this:


Yep, Taylor Swift is actually a superhero IRL -- at least, if you ask Dave Grohl.

During a solo acoustic show in Cannes on Wednesday night, the Foo Fighters frontman shared a wickedly entertaining story about how Tay once came to his rescue. The gist is this: Grohl was once super high at a party, where “the baddest motherfucker on the planet,” Paul McCartney, was jamming. The former Beatle asked Grohl to hop on the piano, and Grohl was all “uhh” because he doesn’t actually play the keys. That’s when Swift swooped in “like fucking Batman” and volunteered to play, saving him from total humiliation.

“She was fucking playing our song ‘Best of You.’ As if I weren’t high enough! That fucking blew me into outer space man!” Grohl recalled, adding, “She’s got a good voice. She can sing, man.”

The story’s really a lot better coming from Grohl himself — trust me and watch: