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Fifth Harmony Show Off Summer's Best Bathing Suit Options In The ‘Flex’ Video


Fifth Harmony just dropped the video for "All In My Head (Flex)," and in addition to delivering the only song you need to listen to this summer, they served up some serious bathing suit inspiration.

Behold all the different styles — the one-piece has come so far, you guys — and then consider throwing away all your other bathing suits and starting over.

  • Ally — Black and Backless

    Though it's hard to think about anything except how much sand Ally must've had in her hair after filming this scene, her backless and cutout bathing suit is worthy of your attention. Though black bathing suits run the risk of being too simple, this one is anything but.

  • Camila — Sleek and Strappy

    Camila also wears a black bathing suit, though hers is less cutout and more strappy. Between her choker and tassel earrings, Camila also wins the award for best beachside accessories, so congrats to her.

  • Lauren — Floral Frenzy

    Lauren is the only member of 5H who wears prints in the video and she dares to do so on her body and head. Her combo proves mixing and matching florals not only works, but is encouraged.

  • Normani — Bright Bikini

    Normani also opts for bright colors, though she wears them in bikini form.

  • Dinah — Wow. Just Wow.

    Dinah's bathing suit has short sleeves — rare! — but also, um, a cut so high that it would not be out of place on Baywatch. I don't know how she got into this bathing suit or what it's made of, but one thing is for sure: I'm impressed.

For more inspiration, including how to cover up the aforementioned bathing suits when you attend a party on the beach, watch the full video.