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Selena Gomez Got Down With The Internet’s Favorite 7-Year-Old Dancer

Audrey Nethery doesn't let a rare bone marrow disorder keep her from dancing every chance she gets

In between dancing onstage on the Revival tour, Selena Gomez took some time to get down with the cutest dancer.

Audrey Nethery was diagnosed with the rare blood disorder Diamond-Blackfan anemia when she was two months old, but that hasn’t stopped her from turning heads with her moves. She’s been dancing since she was a year old; now, at age 7, she got to meet Selena backstage and bust a couple moves with the singer.

The two boogied down to “Love You Like a Love Song.” In addition to nailing her routine, Audrey also knew all the words to Selena’s hit and gleefully sang along.

A video of Audrey doing a Zumba routine went viral last year, and she’s since performed at a Zumba convention and been featured on NBC. Her rare disease prevents her bone marrow from creating enough blood cells, but it doesn’t hold her back from dancing.

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