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Wiz Khalifa Lays Out The Ground Rules For Rolling Up With Him

Doesn't sound too hard to follow

Wiz Khalifa has proven time and again his ability to cook up energetic anthems, like breakout "Black and Yellow" or 2014's "We Dem Boyz." And fans love those. But Young Khalifa's melodic celebrations of the joys of getting high will always have a special place in my heart, and his talents at crafting them remain at an elite level.

He reminded everyone of that on Wednesday (June 22), with the unexpected but welcome release of "More and More." For the production, Wiz links back up with fellow Pittsburgh native ID Labs, who was also behind early career standouts like "The Race" and "When I'm Gone"; Jay Card and Dru Tang co-produced here, too.

"A little motivation," Mister Cap wrote when he tweeted the track.

I don't know about you, but this motivates me to just, uh, relax.

Maybe there's a little motivation to study up, though, in the event that you ever are in the presence of Wiz with the chance to spark one up with him. His ground rules, as laid out in the first verse:

Keep one of them Js rolled

Keep both of my eyes closed

Keep all them ashtrays close

If you gonna ride on this plane with me

Need a light and that's it

When I roll, you match it

Hit it twice and pass it

If you wanna ride on this plane with me

So, don't hit it more than twice without passing, and match it if he rolls one. Seems simple enough.

Oh, and yes, that cover art is from the hilarious still shot from the NBA Finals earlier this month when an Instagram model locked in on Steph Curry as he headed to the bench.