Are You The One? Lovebirds: Does Science Say Giovanni And Kaylen Are Meant To Be?

The duo (obviously) has differing opinions on this very subject

Budding relationships can crumble oh-so-quickly in Are You the One? land — and one seemingly strong couple may be finito after a string of disagreements.

During tonight's brand-new episode of the addictive dating series, Giovanni and Kaylen -- who even told host Ryan Devlin that they had a marriage talk — hit a serious snag after a sensational first few weeks. But does science say they're meant to be — or are they a mismatch?

And what caused Kayvanni to take a complete 180 in the wrong romantic direction? At first, Kay told her beau that she wasn't a fan of his "overly friendly" behavior toward the other girls in the house (throwing pie in Tori's face set off the spark). Gio tried to make it right with his girl (with a trip to the Boom Boom Room, obviously), but things got a bit uncomfortable under the sheets. More specifically, Kaylen started crying in the heat of the moment.

"I just feel like you're f**king me for yourself, not to please me," she stated (as seen in the clip above). And while Gio tried to comfort her by saying that it was "just sex" and "no big deal," the intimate time came to a screeching halt.

But Gio was feeling distracted by other temptations — in the form of "sweet and spicy" Julia. And, right before Tori and Asaf entered the Truth Booth, Gio made a pretty bold declaration about his connection to Kaylen.

"There's no trust, it's over," he declared, while Kaylen listened in complete disgust. "I'm doing this s**t for me because I never put myself first. I don't give a f**k."

But even so, he still selected Kaylen at the Match-Up ceremony — and added that they really needed to go into the Truth Booth to get definitive answers. But what do you think? Are they a perfect match like Kaylen believes — and is Gio thinking too much about their bond? Or did the experts deem them incompatible, making Gio's desire to explore other options spot-on? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep watching brand-new Are You the One? episodes every Monday at 10/9c!

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